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Komera Global Run for Girls Education 2013

Mission: In Rwanda, “Komera” means “be strong, have courage.” Komera is a global leadership incubator for young women dedicated to building an international network of community leaders. In collaboration with Partners In Health, we created the Komera Project, in rural Rwanda to assist girls who have the courage and desire to pursue secondary education, but who lack the resources to do so.

Vision: We believe that young women have the right to lead change in their community, to experience the joy of self-discovery, and to realize their potential. As a leadership incubator, we work locally to build a global network of inspired young women taking action towards self empowerment. We create the space for shared experience, education, and leadership training, and we use sport as a tool to empower and connect people around the world.

How we do it:

1. We create opportunity and promote personal choice

  • Provide opportunities for education
  • Provide opportunities for economic and social improvement
  • Promote space for personal fulfillment.
  • Ensure that the scholars are aware of their options


2. We take responsibility locally and internationally

  • We take responsibility to have a positive, measurable impact
  • We respond to the community we serve.
  • We have a responsibility to act in the face of an unjust world


3. We cultivate transparent partnerships

  • We build partnerships to operate our programs efficiently and sustainably
  • We rely on local support and expertise


4. We value the complete person

  • We recognize that every girl has a unique past, present and future
  • Success is not a number or the achievement of a specific metric, but rather the sum of an individual’s growth and her realized potential.


5. We value sport as a tool for inspiration.

  • brings people together
  • develops dedication
  • provides energy of spirit