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Komera Global Run for Girls Education 2013


We believe that scholarships are a key factor in girls’ education, but that more is necessary to ensure the success of our students. With the use of mentors to help guide the girls and teach them about goal-setting, skills-building, financial responsibility, and sexual and reproductive health, we believe that our scholars will be more successful. Our mentorship curriculum has a two-pronged approach where every scholar is matched with a school mentor and a University mentor.

Our mentor curriculum mandates that mentors and mentees meet with school mentors at least once per week and University mentors once a month to discuss different social economic, health-related, social emotional, and academic issues. Through this program, we hope to raise girls’ self-esteem and help them build skills that will let them be financially independent and make healthy life choices.


  • To give girls the financial, social, and educational support they need to perform well in school and transition to university or the work force
  • To increase the ability of targeted girls to fully participate in school and society by increasing their self-esteem and life skills through a mentoring program
  • To provide girls with financial literacy, sexual and reproductive health education, and entrepreneurial skills
  • To give girls a female mentor and role model outside of their family to help set and meet educational and post-education goals
  • To give girls a safe and supportive space to discuss women’s health, healthy relationships, and gender-based violence