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Komera Global Run for Girls Education 2013

Sponsor a Komera Scholar!

Who is a Komera Scholar and how is she selected?

A Komera Scholar is selected by the local government, school representative and the Komera social worker. She is a talented young woman who has succeeded in school but is no longer able to attend due to financial barriers.

What does a Komera Scholar receive?

A Komera Scholar receives a holistic scholarship and also additional support programs including: mentorship, social entrepreneurship training, life skills training and leadership training. Our goal is to help build the future female leaders in Rwanda.

How do I get to know my sponsored Scholar?

You will receive a profile of your scholar and a picture. You will receive updates about her progress and we encourage you to write letters so that she can write back! She doesn’t have access to email but our scholars love getting snail mail (who doesn’t?!)

How do I sponsor a Komera Scholar?

If you would like to be directly connected to a scholar we ask that you commit to a three year sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor for one year we will provide you with regular updates about the program and the scholars as a group!

You can give right now to empower Rwandan girls to break the cycle of poverty. All it takes to send a girl in Rwanda to secondary school for one year is $500 – that’s just $1.37 a day to help a young girl rewrite her future out of poverty .

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